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Why do you need an EGT sensor?

Published by admin May 25,2022

An EGT sensor measures the temperature of the engine exhaust gas to prevent damage to critical components such as the after treatment system, turbines and cylinder head exhaust valves. It can also be used inside the combustion chambers where hot gases are generated.


Exhaust gas temperature sensoer does not provide an accurate measurement but gives a good indication of heat in the cylinder during combustion, and is most commonly measured close to the head. Since all metals melt, deform, or undergo transformation under excessive temperatures, too high a temperature can cause damage to engine components and therefore it is critical to have a sensor in place to assess the combustion inside the engine, either across the whole unit or cylinder by cylinder.


Operating at peak levels, EGT can optimise engine performance and deliver significant fuel and maintenance cost savings. Any abnormal change in the combustion cycle due to the fuel supply system, air supply system or combustion chamber configuration can obviously be problematic so having sensors currently located on an engine is vitally important.