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Do you know about Janpanese truck fuso?

Published by oemember September 25,2023

        DB Schink of Germany, as an internationally renowned logistics service provider, has made progress in seeking a greener supply chain.

Mitsubishi Fuso recently delivered 36 eCanter electric light trucks to DB Schink for urban transport.


         Depending on the body and application area, the eCanter's maximum load-bearing capacity can be up to 4.5 tons.

The electric powertrain of this model contains 6 high voltage lithium ion batteries, with voltage and battery capacity of 420V and 13.8kwh respectively.

       The vehicle's electrified drive system is powered by a powerful permanent magnet motor and can achieve maximum power of 129KW (180Hp) and continuous torque of 285NM with the help of a single gearbox on the rear axle.

        Mitsubishi's Fuso Canter is the most popular Japanese flat-head light truck in the German market.